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Who are these people?

5-27 5-28 5-30

Bear 5-26-22Bear

Unknown Fur Snake 3-18-22. By corner of cabin.

Bobcat 3-9-22

Two Moose 12-29-21

Bobcat 12-5-21

Bear walking by.

Moose Video from 11-3-2020 (700MB)

Smoke from wild fires Oct 21 2020(14MB)


Family Photos

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Current Cabin Weather

The weather station wind data is suspect due to it being by the aspens. The percipitation sensor doesn't seem to measure snow well

Item Value
Tempurature (F) "CabinTemp"
Heat Index (F) HeatIndex
Wind Chill (F) Wind Chill
Wind Speed (MPH) Wind Speed
Wind Gust (MPH) Wind Gust
Pressure (in) Pressure
Dew Point (F) Dewpt
Humidity % Humidity